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Featured project - Bucolic plenitude

Proud winner of the 2016 landscaping prize in the Prestigious development category.

Of an enchanting nature, this unique design in symbiosis with the environment harmonizes marvelously the elegance of the natural stone and the warm side with its woodworks. The topography of the terrain lent itself perfectly to the development of several levels.

Featured project - Current Relaxation

Nested in the heart of the forest, this contemporary-californian style residence invites you to relax with its refined style and its circumscribed curves.

Featured project - Haute nature

(Project in progress)

This high-end project combines all the elements of a development with incredible potential. Here, nothing is missing. At nightfall, we discover a completely different atmosphere due to the lighting configuration.

Featured project - Clean lines

Winner of the 1st prize in the ‘’Le tour de la maison’’ category in the 2017 A.P.P.Q contest

Symmetry, straightness and conviviality combined to create an atmosphere both for relaxation and for aquatic games. An urban atmosphere in a natural setting.

Featured project - Nobility and distinction

Magnificent fountain, stone constructions and a colossal swimming pool, no element has been neglected to impress during worldly receptions.

Before / After

Our company has more than 20 years of experience as a landscape artist. Our dynamic team, passionate about landscaping and horticulture will put all its know-how into action to offer you a unique project. On the lookout for new trends we practice sustainable techniques, designed according to the rules of the art. For a successful project, we make it a point of honor to meet your requirements and budget, especially by setting up a schedule, if needed.

Ambiance lighting

Take advantage of your garden day and night with the ambient lighting offered by Conception Horticole du Nord. Thus, you can walk in your garden, near the lake or simply contemplate the enchanting spectacle that is offered to you.

Aquatic gardens

The ultimate element in outdoor design is of course the aquatic garden or water garden. Nothing is more relaxing than the sweet sound of a cascade or a waterfall to escape completely. Whatever style you choose, we will know how to make it for you.

Retaining wall

If your dwelling is located on a rugged terrain, such as a slope or a ditch, a retaining wall will allow you to set up your terrain and take advantage of it. Conception Horticole du Nord gives advice on the types of stones and colors that fit well with the front of house and its exterior layout. Our professional team will combine their expertise with your tastes so that you fall more in love with your property and its aesthetics.

Pavement & parking

Thanks to the cobblestone be sure to increase the value of your residence, not to mention the beauty and durability of such a layout! Trust our expertise and benefit from the latest trends while preserving the harmony and style of your home. A paving-stone is for life!

Natural stones & stairs

Conception Horticole du Nord takes care of your land by creating or redesigning the steps and the small stone paths that are found there. The style is obviously adapted to the atmosphere of the home and the taste of its owners, thus making it possible to make the general aspect of your outdoors uniform.


By opting for a rich, diversified, eye-catching plantation, you will profit from the full potential of your development. Conception Horticole du Nord is able to create plantations of all kinds, requiring little maintenance. Formal or informal, ecological, rural, large caliber... we have a wide range of lush plantations to allow you to find a style adapted to your needs and your desires.

Renaturalization of banks

Conception Horticole du Nord masters aquatic development perfectly, which allows us to give life back to your bank. Consequently, we develop native ecological niches in compliance with the provincial and municipal rules in force. Very attentive to our customers, we plan the whole process of renaturalization with you.

Management & recovery of rainwater

Conception Horticole du Nord is very close to nature, as its goal is to preserve it through simple and concrete actions within reach of all. Thus, in recent years, stormwater management has become a very important environmental issue. This is one of the main reasons why we have developed and implemented techniques for the management, recovery and adequate drainage of rainwater.

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