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Our expertise and
our passions

Your satisfaction is our priority, we therefore offer expert, high-end services with attention to detail. Our skilled workers will meet your needs by ensuring good communication and the quality of the work carried out.

Our values are your asset

We can happily and proudly say that all our projects are consistent with our values. Our drive and motivation will excite you, you can be sure of that, and your needs will be our new challenge.

Conception Horticole du Nord are real values shared by each of our team members:

  • Attention to details
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Project sustainability
  • Professionnalism
  • Concern for the environment
  • Customization

We take to heart sustainable development and the protection of existing ecosystems. We strive for symbiotic work with nature during each mission, to ensure that projects are in harmony with the surrounding environment, allowing greater sustainability.

Sustainable Development

Ecological plantings aim to recreate viable ecosystems with the integration of resistant plants often already present in the local environment. This type of landscaping requires lesser maintenance given that it self-regulates by interaction with its surroundings. The neighbouring ecosystems will equally flourish given the absence of synthetic products.

The local economy is another aspect of sustainable development that we hold dear. We always give preference to companies and material sources close to our project sites, as this minimises transportation's harmful effects and encourages your local market.

You already know this, we are firmly committed to designing installations that will last. A project’s longevity is its seal of quality, an investment that should not be neglected. Techniques, materials and layouts: everything is considered to ensure a project is a one time job.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

logo CAA

CAA Habitation is a recommended company evaluated on the basis of rigorous criteria such as credibility, skills, solvency, compliance (REQ, insurance) and reputation. In addition, a survey conducted among several customers by an external firm confirms that we received a 100% satisfaction rating for our customer service.

logo APPQ

The Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec (APPQ) is the only association that evaluates and certifies only professional landscapers based on their business practices, services, expertise and reliability. It also ensures that each of its members offer professional work that meets the highest quality standards, making your landscaping design a safe investment.

logo APDEQ

The Association des Professionnels de l’Eau du Québec (APPQ) pursues the establishment of its goal to recruit, regroup and train certified professionals, in aquatic development and rainwater management. The association wishes to compensate for the lack of professional resources in the field, and offer technical support and continuing education to its members.

logo RBQ

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec helps the consumer obtain quality work, provides protection and physical security before and after a project. It enforces the Building Act, the Building Code and the Safety Code. Furthermore, the RBQ issues contractor licenses.

logo Techo-Pro Contracteur

A division of Techo-Bloc, the Techo-Pro program ensures the customer that the contractor has successfully completed the certification program and meets certain requirements in terms of insurability, length of business establishment, being an APPQ member, references obtained from several client-owners, and project picture backup for quality assurance.

logo Bureau des Normes du Québec

The Bureau de normalisation du Québec is mandated by the State to oversee standardization activities in Quebec. It provides structured methods and reliable standards based on requests from the industry, associations or consumers. These standards are developed by committees of experts from various areas.

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Partenaires de confiance

Plusieurs années de travail dans le milieu nous ont permis de créer des relations de confiance avec des partenaires clé qui nous permettent de connaître à fond les produits et toutes leurs possibilités.

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Territories served

We operate mostly in the Laurentides and undertake major projects elsewhere in Quebec