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Spring Time chevron_right

In the spring time, flower pots, suspended planters or flower boxes are a must… What is better than a beautiful flower arrangement to compliment paving-stones or even large windows?

Style and Harmony chevron_right

No matter the shape of your property, it is important take it into consideration when you select...

Site Evaluation #2 chevron_right

Decks and patios provide a transition between your home’s interior rooms and your yard. When well planned, they work as outdoor rooms and as part of the landscape...

Evaluating the Site chevron_right

Before you begin building your dream deck or patio, critically examine what you're working with by taking into account the shape and size of your property. At times, your property may hinder your plans....

Exterior Carpentry chevron_right

Spring is barely at our doorsteps and you are already thinking about your summer landscaping project? The construction of a new patio or terrace...

Maintenance: what you need to know chevron_right

There are several methods to maintain the appearances of your outdoors. This article will be used to define the types of maintenance services offered by Conception Horticole du Nord’s team and what they consist of.

Plans, design and consultation chevron_right

Conception Horticole du Nord stands out in its category for landscaping and horticulture. As a multifaceted company...

The beauty of natural stones chevron_right

In November 2016, Conception Horticole du Nord proceeded to a complete renovation of their office in Saint-Jérôme. The commercial space has...

Landscaper series - Explore your options: Quiet Retreats chevron_right

Offering valuable outdoor living spaces that families and friends will enjoy for years, decks and patios give new meaning to the sentiment “home is where the heart is.”


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