Ambient Lighting

Let the Night Shine  

Extend the show

Being able to fully enjoy your garden day and night is possible. Thanks to ambient landscape lighting, evening walks and late dinners can stretch out without compromising on safety and pleasure.

A play of light and shadow brings the architectural elements of your property to the fore. The art of properly lighting your yard is the final touch that will add splendor to your project.

A world of

/clairage d'ambiance

Outdoor ambient lighting

Light effects are the number one ally for creating ambient lighting. Our specialists will know how to enhance the landscaping while creating a safe environment.

Contact our lighting experts to completely transform the ambiance of your yard.

/clairage paysager

Landscape lighting

Ideal for highlighting your property after dark. The light sets will add luminosity to your paths, your stone facades, your garden spaces or fences.

éclairage architectural

Architectural lighting

The architectural lighting of a building allows the attractions of its structure to be highlighted. Enjoy a safe environment until sunset. We will also be able to advise you on efficient and energy-efficient equipment.

éclairage de jardin

Garden lighting

Our lighting solutions will make your garden more welcoming and accessible. Enhance and facilitate night-time traffic by lighting certain areas. Our lighting solutions are designed based on the impact on the health of your plants.

Entrust us with adding wall lights, spotlights or floor lamps to strategic locations in the garden.

éclairage au LED

Exterior and LED lighting

Up to 85% more energy efficient than traditional halogen lighting, LED saves your electricity consumption. The lifespan is also greatly superior to any other outdoor lighting system.

éclairage de terrasse

Patio lighting

Enhance the appearance of your terrace under the light of the moon with a tailor-made lighting system. In addition to improving the appearance of your terrace at night, your stairs will be secure during nighttime use.

entretien de système d'éclairage

Outdoor lighting system maintenance

We offer inspection and maintenance of your lighting system. Maintenance will ensure the proper functioning of lighting devices and will prevent you from surprises. In the event of breakage or malfunction, our technicians will be able to find solutions.

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  • Installation

    5y warranty

    with annual maintenance

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  • Customization

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    on all projects

Highlight your investment

Although roadway lighting is the first factor to consider, ambient landscape lighting is not limited to it. Good light management allows you to create a completely different show than what you are used to during the day. The relief, accentuation and shading effects create an atmosphere that highlights your shrubs and flowerbeds.

Annual maintenance
  • Check and change bulbs if necessary
  • Check the condition of the fixtures, repair or change if necessary (winter breakage, snowblower, rodent, etc.)
  • Grease the bulb terminals with the appropriate grease
  • Grease all moving parts with our anti-corrosion grease
  • Clean and dry the windows of each fixture; special attention to recessed lighting
  • Check the condition of the seals and apply a grease that will not affect the rubber of the seals
  • Adjust the fixtures on the trees to allow good growth
  • Move the fixtures if necessary to allow normal growth of plants (including roots)
  • Adjust the light beam of each fixture

The benefits of landscape lighting

Exterior lighting offers aesthetic and functional advantages. Our landscaping specialists have exterior lighting solutions that will bring you several benefits, including:

  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  An inviting and attractive outdoor ambiance
  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  Enhancement of your property after dark< /li>
  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  Being able to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping day and night night
  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  Lighting of traffic paths to avoid accidents
  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  Improving the security of dark areas of the land
  • logo CHN-Paysagiste  Highlight the architectural elements of your property

Our guarantees

All of Conception Horticole du Nord’s work is guaranteed. We are proud to be recommended by CAA Habitation, meaning that our company is evaluated according to a rigorous standard. We are members of the Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec (APPQ) and must meet the most demanding quality criteria. Holding a license from the Régie du logement du Québec, we ensure that we offer you quality work that exceeds standards. In addition, this high quality standard corresponds to those of the Bureau des norms du Québec, responsible for structured methods and reliable industry standards.

Ecpert en éclairage paysage de Chn-Paysagiste

planning and installation of an exterior lighting system

Our experienced team will offer you advice and plans to visualize the entire landscape lighting project. Accurate cost planning is among the many advantages of doing business with us. Finally a project without any unpleasant surprises!

There are obvious risks of combining wet outdoor conditions and electrical components. We therefore meet the strictest safety standards. We use recognized, durable and economical professional products.

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