Landscaper series - Explore your options: Quiet Retreats


Offering valuable outdoor living spaces that families and friends will enjoy for years, decks and patios give new meaning to the sentiment “home is where the heart is.”  By taking the comforts of home outside, a well-placed deck or patio can serve as your home’s crowning touch and increase your property value. Whether you choose a poolside patio oasis or a multi-level deck to accommodate get-togethers, Conception Horticole du Nord can help you turn your dream into a reality by leading you through every step of the process.


Set among the serve beauty of nature, the best seat in the house is actually located outdoors. Conception Horticole du Nord can help you design a tranquil space, offering a quiet intimate escape for one or two people.

You don’t need much to have a spot well suited for reading the paper and sipping a cup of coffee in the morning or unwinding after work. Almost any small outdoor space will do. Transform an unused corner of a patio or a deck into a place for quiet reflection with a comfortable chair and few of your favourite things.

Take your cue from some of our favourite spaces. One is tucked close to the house and nestled amid plants and a bubbling fountain. Another features a cafe table for tea and chaise longues perfect for napping in the fresh air. If you’re fortunate to have secluded spot in the yard, Conception Horticole du Nord can help you design a patio or deck to take advantage of the solitude.

Consider a pergola overlooking a restful and reflecting pool which doubles as an intimate space for dining and conversation. The waterfall provides soothing sounds as well. Alternatively, we love this quiet corner, which is an ideal spot to curl up with a book. The addition of a freestanding fountain could mask any outside noises if you live in a more urban area.

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