Spring Time


In the spring time, flower pots, suspended planters or flower boxes are a must… What is better than a beautiful flower arrangement to compliment paving-stones or even large windows?

At Conception Horticole du Nord, we offer a great array of services executed by renowned horticulturists and landscapers. Our meticulousness and values is what makes our strength.

Before undergoing a landscaping project, it is important to take some precautions regarding the needs of different plants. We will then guide you in the selection of various and diverse plants.

If you consider having a green thumb and have a bit of free time, annual plants are made for you! The pros ? Their vibrant colours. Amateur gardener? Then you can even opt for tropical plants. They adapt just as well to the exterior in the summer, than the interior during the winter. You simply have to make sure they get enough sunlight. For the foodies, vegetable pants and herbs are a must! If you are reticent to gardening, then aquatic plants and xerophytes are a good option. They require little to no watering.

In terms of landscaping, “harmony” is our motto! Do not hesitate to visit our web site to see our different creations. Until our next article: To your shovel and rakes!

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