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Sustainable development

Conception Horticole du Nord has sustainable development and preservation of the ecosystems at heart. At each mission and for several years, we strive to work in symbiosis with nature.

Our ecological plantations recreate viable ecosystems by integrating resistant plants and that are often present in the surrounding environment. There will therefore be a minimum of human intervention: no watering, no pesticides, no fertilizer and practically no maintenance, which will greatly favor the surrounding ecosystems.

At Conception Horticole du Nord:

  • We stimulate the local economy by working with the surrounding companies and materials to our projects locations. These simple actions are allowing us to actively participate in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We also consider sustainable buildings as one of our top priorities, which is why we use the right materials and techniques during our projects. What is more upsetting and ineffective than having to demolish and rebuild a few years later because of bad choices and advice!
  • We practice efficient management of construction waste and plants: reuse, recuperation and recycling.
  • We encourage and practice regular maintenance of our equipment, the reduction of travelling distance, as well as car-pooling

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